Shanti Gyan Niketan Sr. Sec. Public School celebrates 9th lnternational Yoga Day on June 21,2023

On Wednesday, June 21st, 2023, Shanti Gyan Sr. Sec Public School celebrated the 9th International Yoga Day with the theme "Vasudaiva Kutumb" in its campus. The event was led by the Managing Director of the school, Mr. Raj Kumar Khurana, and supported by the Physical Department HOD, Mr. Shokeen, Mr. Keshav, Mr. Dheeraj, Mr. Sanidhya, along with the participation of the children, parents, and NCC Cadets.
During the event, various asanas were demonstrated, showcasing the physical and mental benefits of yoga. The participants emphasized the importance of yoga in promoting a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being. The children, parents, and NCC Cadets actively took part in the demonstrations, following the instructions provided by the school staff.
The event aimed to raise awareness about the significance of yoga and its positive impact on physical and mental health. Through the theme "Vasudaiva Kutumb," which means "the world is one family," the school emphasized the sense of unity and togetherness that yoga can bring.
Overall, the celebration of the 9th International Yoga Day at Shanti Gyan Sr. Sec Public School was a successful and enriching experience for the participants, spreading the message of harmony and well-being through the practice of yoga.