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Holidays Home Work (Nur. – K.G.)

Session 2018-2019

Summer, the season of the sun,

Time for kids to have lots of fun.

 Make new friends as you travel new lands,

Parks, Kidzania or Adventure Island.

Click loads of pictures to show each one,

With grandparents too have fun.

 Exciting experiments and art ‘n’ craft,

Cool recipes and projects to make you smart.

    Dear Parents

        The summer vacations are round the corner. The school will remain closed from 16th May 2018 to 2nd  July 2018 (both days inclusive). We are sure you are eagerly looking forward to spend long hours with the little ones. We hope you have exciting plans for the long awaited holidays but keeping these little bundles of energy busy and occupied fruitfully can be quite a task. Some fun filled activities can be done at  home under your guidance.

  1. ‘Knowledge is Power’. Therefore encourage your child to cultivate the reading habit because it not only enhances the knowledge acquired but also develops the vocabulary, language skills and improves spellings. And also read to your child because it builds reading skills and increases his/her attention span.
  2. To beat the heat encourages your child to drink plenty of water, fresh fruit juice, lassi and fresh lime juice.
  3. Communication skillsplay a pivotal role in grooming the overall personality of the children. Converse with your child preferably in English to help him /her get comfortable with the language. Encourage your child to read Children’s magazines like Magic Pot, Chandamama, Dimdima etc.
  4. Sensitize your child about the rich culture and heritage by watching different informative channels like ‘The National Geographic’, Animal Planet etc.





Handwriting is a complex perceptual motor skill that is dependent upon the       maturation and integration of a number of cognitive, perpetual and motor skills, which is developed through instructions. Handwriting efficiency requires mastery of multiple skills, including vision, co-ordination of the eyes, arms, hands, memory, posture and body control as well as the task of holding a pencil and forming letters.    


  1. Secret key games – the child is given one lock and many keys and the child has to find out the right key. Dot to dots mazes.
  2. Pick up objects using tongs and tweezers.
  3. Sand writing.  Bead stringing.
  4. Roll small balls of clay between thumb and index finger.
  5. Paper tearing and pasting. Dot to dots mazes.
  6. Cleaning the table top using sponge.
  7. Drawing pictures of houses, trees, cars and animals with visual and verbal clues.
  8. Drawing lines and copying shapes using finger  prints.   

Though we will miss you and your chatter and laughter.





Mrs. V. Dhawan





















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