Winter Holiday Home work

Class IX

Maths – 1. Revise the syllabus done till now.

2.  Write squares from 1-30  cubes  1 – 20 & Learn

3.  Download CBSE Sample Papers from  www.cbse.nic.in and www.edudel.nic.in(2017-18)

Science – 1. Complete practical files of physics, chemistry and biology.

 2. Revise the chapters completed so far. Do sample papers from your question bank.

S.St. -  Revise the chapters completed so far. Do practice for map work. Solve the question paper of Periodic Test III in notebooks.

English – Do Editing and Rearrange the words exercises, Article Writing (2), Diary Entry (1), Story Writing (2) and  5 questions of the novel ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. (Assignment given to the students)

Hindi– Revise the whole syllabus & improve your hand writing. Solve the question paper.