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      CIRCULAR FOR PARENTS               Date: 27-07-16

Dear Parents

 To establish a healthy accord between Parents, Teachers and Students the school holds PTM’s regularly for the academic as well as for the overall development of the child. You are requested to attend the PTM to be held on     30 July 2016 between 8:30 to 11:30 am positively.


1.      Tree Plantation – One of the best way to minimize global warming is to plant more and more trees. So, understanding our responsibility towards Mother Nature we should also plant as many trees as possible. 

2.      English Conversation – As English is widely accepted language of communication in the world. Please encourage your ward to converse in English.

3.      General instructions for you to be followed :-                                    

a)      You are advised to check that your ward comes to school with complete homework, proper school bag according to the given time table and a water bottle. Make sure your ward comes to school daily in time and in proper uniform.

b)      Keep a check on their day to day activities so that they may not get indulged in nefarious activities and can have proper development.

c)      Absence from the school must be acknowledged through an application signed by you.

d)      Do encourage and help your child to speak in English at home too.

e)      Kindly pay close attention towards your ward’s handwriting and writing skills.

f)       Do not give us chance to remind you about timely deposit of school dues.

g)      Selected Holiday Home Assignment made by your wards will be displayed on July 30th, 2016 i.e on PTM day in their respective classes. You may get some ideas for betterment of your ward.

h)      Please read diary carefully and regularly and follow up the instructions.

i)        Parents are requested to utilize communication pages of diary for interaction with the teacher.    

j)        Once the child has come to school, parents are not permitted to take back their ward unless any emergency.

k)      Supervise your child’s home assignments and subject copies, and make your ward do all the necessary corrections pointed out by the teachers. Corrections made by the teachers should be reinforced.

l)        The school gate will not open before 7:45 a.m and no entry will be allowed in school after 8:10 a.m.

m)   Only authorized person must reach the school well in time to pick up the child in case he/she is not availing school transport.

n)      Please do visit the school website www.shantigyanniketan.orgfor the latest news on achievement, circulars, any development, celebrations and monthly activities.

Your valuable suggestions are always welcome at E-mail I.D of school’s Managing Trustee: - Mr. RajKumar Khurana at Whatsapp No. - 8510010870   




Ms. Veena Dhawan