C I R C U L AR F O R P A R E N T S Dated : April 25, 2016


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C I R C U L AR   F O R   P A R E N T S


Dear Parents                                                                                                                April 25, 2016

Let’s meet on PTM to discuss your child’s progress and move forward positively to meet further challenges. We suggest you to spare your valuable time for the growth, direction and well being of your child.

As this will be the first PTM of academic session 2016-17 so you are requested to attend the PTM to be held on April 30, 2016 (Saturday) between 8:30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.


In coming days, school is going to organize various co –curricular  activities for all the classes.

            Class                         Activity

            Nursery                      English choral Recitation

            K.G.                              Self Introduction

            I & II                            Choral Recitation

            III                                Self Introduction

            IV & V                         English & Hindi Recitation

 so you are requested to encourage your child to participate in these activities as they play an important role in shaping one’s personality.

On April 22, school celebrated Earth Day by organizing a Special Assembly in which students were encouraged to save Mother Earth by planting trees, by caring animals and conserving electricity and water. Students prepared nice posters related to Earth Day. It was a day of fun and folic for the little Niketians.

Parents are requested to follow the instructions given below.

·   Please ensure that your child come to school in proper neat and clean uniform. They must carry their water bottle daily.

·   Child must carry I-Card daily to school as it is an important part of school uniform.

·   Encourage and help your child to converse in English at home.

·   Do not give us chance to remind you about timely deposit of school dues.

·   The child should be encouraged to follow safety rules at home as well as in school.

·   Absence from school must be acknowledged through application signed only by the parents.

·   Kindly keep a regular check on their diaries for regular information.

·   Do not send your ward to school if he / she is suffering from any contagious disease like chicken pox, measles and conjunctivitis. He / she will be allowed to sit in the class only when the fitness certificate by a physician will be provided.

·   In case of emergency, parents can contact at the following numbers:

            School Office                                    :          7042898935 / 36/ 37

            Transport Department      :                       7042898944

            Fee Counter                         :                       7042898938

            Junior Wing Office              :                       7042898942

 Your  valuable  suggestions  are  always  welcome  at  E-mail  I.D. of School’s Managing Director: Mr. Raj Kumar Khurana at khuranarajkumar@yahoo.co.in Or WhatsApp at 8510010870.

Please make it a habit to visit school website: www.shantigyanniketan.orgfor latest updates.


With Regards



Mrs. Veena Dhawan

Incharge Junior Wing